Pioneering Instrumentation for Transient Kinetics & Spectroscopy

Other Options...

Other Stopped-Flow Optionsisted below are some of the numerous options available with the KinetAsyst Stopped-Flow system:

Additional Detection Methods

Dual Channel Fluorescence Detection

Permits the reference photomultiplier to be used as a second detection channel (OPT-687).

Dual Detection Accessory

Allows simultaneous absorption and fluorescence measurements (OPT-686).

Fluorescence Emission Scanning Option

An option where the monochromator can be used to resolve the fluorescence spectral emission while using bandpass and interference filters to maintain high levels of excitation intensity (OPT-679).

HI-FLOW Low Volume Cell

Optimised for fluorescence measurements up to 2000 s-1 (5 μl volume, 0.5 ms Dead Time) (OPT-689)

Additional Light Sources

Visible Light Source (Tungsten) 340 – 800 nm (OPT-612)

Deep UV Absorbance Option (Deuterium) 200 - 360 nm (OPT-622)

Combined 75 W Mercury/Xenon Lamp (tube only) (OPT-671)

Miscellaneous Options

High Ratio Mixing Option

Allows multiple syringe delivery (asymmetric mixing) of reagents in single mixing mode. Includes two syringes (OPT-669)

Circulator and Cooler

Suitable lab circulator for temperature control of sample handling unit (OPT-655).

Thermostat Kit

Comprises thermostat jacket and dry gas purge connectors (for temperatures below 15C) (OPT-630).

Anaerobic Options

A comprehensive range of options ranging from the use of tonometers to incorporation into a glove box are available to facilitate studying oxygen-sensitive systems.