Pioneering Instrumentation for Transient Kinetics & Spectroscopy

Product Ranges

The Hi-Tech Scientific range of Stopped-Flow equipment from TgK Scientific features innovative and state-of-the-art technology designed for performance.


The KinetAsyst system is well established as a system of choice for many leading academics in the field of solution kinetics. Suitable for a wide range of applications in chemistry and biochemistry, the KinetAsyst system has a reputation for performance, reliability and ease of use.


The RQF Series has demonstrated that a difficult technique can be used in a wide range of laboratories around the world very effectively with impressive results.


With renewed interest in relaxation techniques, this electrical discharge system has been revamped and tailored for new areas of interest such as protein science.

Accessories and options

From the core instruments, various options can be added or incorporated that extend or enhance the performance of the instruments to include such as low temperature, high pressure, rapid scanning spectroscopy.

Other smaller instruments are available that can be used with third party units as accessories such as the SFA-20 Rapid Mixing Accessory. The SFA-20 and its OEM variants (available for most commercially available UV/Visible absorption spectrophotometers and spectrofluorimeters) provide an excellent stopped-flow, rapid mixing capability.