TgK Scientific Ltd is a pioneering scientific instrumentation company innovating in the field of rapid kinetics. We bring together a dedicated team of focused and skilled staff who are highly motivated and enthused to deliver performance products in this field of transient kinetics for chemistry and biochemistry carrying the Hi-Tech Scientific brand into its fifth decade.

The Hi-Tech Scientific range has a reputation for high quality products and has supplied many prestigious institutions and centres of excellence. TgK Scientific prides itself on pushing the boundaries and providing high end research grade solutions and precision mixing accessories.

With close associations and collaborations with influential users, we have sponsored studentships and continue to develop new product ideas. We recognise the need to stay abreast of current market needs which drive on-going improvements and enhancements to keep us at the forefront of this field delivering Kinetic Solutions for Solution Kinetics.

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TgK Scientific Support

TgK Scientific are proud of the effective customer support provided and proud to serve the scientific community. TgK Scientific’s team combine many years of experience and are always keen to help.

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