The Hi-Tech Scientific range of instruments for solution kinetics from TgK Scientific features innovative and state-of-the-art technology designed for performance, reliability and user friendliness.


With a long and successful track record in supplying high performance and reliable stopped-flow systems, TgK Scientific offer a wide range of variations on this theme.  From the core instruments, various options can be added or incorporated that extend or enhance the capability of the instruments.  The product range also includes dedicated low temperature and high pressure systems.

Rapid Mixing Accessory

Our rapid mixing accessory has remained a popular choice for users who want to add a stopped-flow capability or simply a means of rapidly mixing reagents in their UV/Vis or fluorescence instrument. The SFA-20 and its OEM variants (available for most commercially available UV/Visible absorption spectrophotometers and spectrofluorimeters) provide an excellent  entry level stopped-flow and rapid mixing capability.


These instruments use the rapid quench flow technique to provide a powerful method of studying rapid reactions that cannot be monitored directly by absorbance or fluorescence spectrophotometry, allowing the use of analytical techniques to specifically characterise reaction intermediates.


This instrument provides access to very fast relaxations induced by the rapid change in temperature driven by an electrical discharge (Joule heating method).  This state of the art instrument has been revamped and tailored for new areas of interest such as protein science.

FT-IR Stopped-Flow

The availability of high speed scanning FT-IR spectometers has provided opportunity for fast reactions to be explored by IR spectroscopy using the stopped-flow method.  We offer a rapid mixing system using a transmission cell and now, a solution for ATR.

NMR Stopped-Flow

NMR Stopped-Flow combines the detailed analysis of NMR with the timescales of Stopped-Flow kinetic studies, giving a powerful technique for understanding fast reactions.

Software and Analysis

While TgK Scientific prides itself on providing high performance and reliable instrumentation, the software provides the focus of operation during experimentation in the lab and we recognise the need for feature rich and easy to use programs.