Temperature Jump System

Product Codes: TJ-64

The system has a thermostated cell coupled directly to an optical system with absorption and fluorescence detection options. A capacitive discharge power supply is used to store the high voltage energy that is rapidly discharged into the sample.

The signal detection system incorporates fast response amplifiers and signal conditioning electronics. Data acquisition and processing is handled by Kinetic Studio, which allows the acquisition of data on linear and logarithmic time bases together with display and analysis. Multiple jumps can be set up and left to proceed in an automated manner under the management of Kinetic Studio. This turnkey solution provides a relatively straightforward and easy to use system for a technique that is traditionally only available to specialists. The sample cell has compatibility with most chemical and biological systems and can thermostated over a wide range.

We have extensive experience in the design and development of T-Jump equipment for a huge range of chemical and biological systems. For more information or copies of relevant application notes, please feel free to contact us.

Selected Publications

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    Relevant Application Notes

  • AN.019.T64

    Temperature calibration of T-Jump Instrument TJ-64 using Tris/Phenol Red

    1. T-Jump
    2. TJ-64
    3. Temperature calibration
    4. Phenol red
    5. Tris
  • AN.020.T64

    Ionic Strength Dependence of the Heating Time in T-Jump Instrument using Fluorescence

    1. T-Jump
    2. TJ-64
    3. N-Acetyl-L-tryptophanamide
    4. Fluorescence
    5. Heating time