Stopped-Flow for FT-IR

Product Codes: SF-73/FT-IR & SF-73/ATR

Although UV-visible spectroscopic methods are well suited to stopped-flow methods and are hence firmly established as a method of choice, vibrational spectroscopy provides more structural information in terms of bonds and mobility.

Although more complex to implement, TgK Scientific in combination with established suppliers of FT-IR instruments have produced a stopped-flow solution with a short path length cell. Uses KinetaDrive, our flexible application for controlling our motor driven mixing systems.

Now available with a mixing cell for ATR measurements1:

The ATR cell is shown here in the Bruker Vertex 80 fitted with the Specac Golden Gate single reflection monolithic diamond ATR.  This offers advantage in terms reagent and solvent compatibility and reduced background.

Bruker have more information on their web site regarding their range of VERTEX instruments and how they can be used with the TgK Scientific FT-IR Stopped-Flow system.

Selected Publications

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Information about the Bruker VERTEX 80 FT-IR spectrometer: Brochure

For more detailed information on the TgK Scientific FT-IR Stopped-Flow sample delivery system, please contact us.

    Relevant Application Notes

  • AN.74.FTIR

    Monitoring enzyme catalysis using the Bruker VERTEX 80 FT-IR spectrometer in Rapid Scan mode

    1. FT-IR
    2. SF-73
    3. infrared
    4. stopped-flow
    5. Vertex 70
    6. Vertex 80

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  • AN.05-20-B-IRsweep

    Infrared Stopped-Flow at 220 Spectra per Second: a New Addition to the Toolbox. The use of the SF-73/FTIR in the IRis-F1 spectrometer (IRsweep AG).

    1. FT-IR
    2. SF-73
    3. infrared
    4. stopped-flow
    5. Protein folding
    6. IRis-F1
    7. IRsweep