TgK Scientific are actively engaged with the scientific community, we have nurtured close relationships and collaborations with many top scientific establishments and research groups around the world.

The team at TgK Scientific bring together a wealth of experience and skills enabling the company to produce established products that cover a multitude of different applications and techniques.  These products include the much proven KinetAsyst Double-Mixing Stopped-Flow, but also the Conductivity, the High-Pressure and the Cryo-Mixing Stopped-Flow instruments, as well as the Temperature-Jump and Rapid Quench-Flow apparatus.

In addition, this expertise and collaborative approach enables the company to work with leading research groups to develop and realise new products and add-ons in response to new technology, applications and techniques.  This has resulted more recently with the introduction of IR (and IR ATR) and NMR Stopped-Flow systems to compliment and expand the array of instruments employing this technique.

In this section of the web site you will find further information about the techniques TgK Scientific specialise in and employ across their range of instruments. Please feel free to browse the information. If you have any comments or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.