American Biophysical Society Meeting

The Biophysical Society Annual Meeting: The place for communities, scientific discoveries, and learning. Los Angeles Convention Center Feb 27 – Mar 2, 2016 As science becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting continues its long-held reputation for bringing together leading scientists from the all over the world who...

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New Modular CCD Spectrometer Setup

New fully integrated modular spectrometer setup driven from a laptop, tablet or desktop PC running Windows 7, 8.1 or 10! Featuring fully integrated control of the CCD and light source from Kinetic Studio. Full support for desktop workstations, laptops and even tablet computers! Optimised control panels for both desktop...

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Kinetic Studio Updates

Latest Releases of Kinetic Studio: KS 2.33, KS 3.04, KS 4.07 Full support for Windows 7, 8.1 32bit and 64bit. Windows 10 supported for data analysis KS 4.x features support for our USB connected instruments. Latest features to be included in KS 4 New highly flexible CCD spectrometer array...

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New CCD Detector

New CCD detector available for a wide variety of applications including our research grade stopped-flow instruments. Introducing the new TgK CCD detector.  An advanced high-resolution and highly flexible compact unit.  Fully integrated in our highly acclaimed Kinetic Studio software providing fast and convenient setup, powerful data handling and processing....

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New Syringe Drive System

Introducing our new intelligent and versatile syringe drive system suitable for a wide range of applications. Fully integrated, streamlined fluid control and delivery via our new highly accurate multi-syringe delivery system. Populated as a dual or triple syringe pump systems fitted with high precision stepper motors.  Syringe drive modules...

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